The U Lesoparku apartments are located on the northern edge of Letňany between new family houses and a forest park.


The city district of Prague 18 - Letňany is becoming an increasingly popular place to live thanks to the extension of the "C" metro line and the city ring road.

In the western part of the district there are old apartment houses which are gradually being reconstructed; in the center of the district there are villas and houses remaining from the original village. The largest shopping center in the Czech Republic (OC Letňany) was also built in the west. In the south, there is a metro station and the Prague Exhibition Center (PVA Letňany).

Letňany Shopping Center (OC Letňany) offers a wide range of services, cultural activities, shopping and entertainment. The area also boasts other dynamic developments, such as the Aquacentrum Lagoon, multipurpose sports facility Sportcentrum Avion with ice hockey hall, and a newly built forest park with bike paths.

Extensive housing development is currently in progress along the extension of Veselská Street (Nová Toužimská), which will connect Letňany and Kbely.

The city district of Prague-Čakovice, which connects to the site from the north, is a quiet part of the city consisting of family houses and apartment buildings. At the district’s boundaries, there are more recreational and sports centers - an athletic and football stadium, a swimming pool and tennis courts.

Forest Park

The Forest Park is a popular place for rest and relaxation, ideal for a walk with a stroller or for in-line skating. It boasts new ‘singletrail’ cycling trails.

’Singletrails’ are cycling trails suitable for children from 12 years of age, as well as for adult riders. Of the four routes available, three are light difficulty and one is moderately difficult. The most demanding of them is 1827 meters long with 62 meter climb and 64 meter descent. You can look forward to steep bends, fast corners, jumps and obstacles. The longest of the routes can be competed in about 12 minutes.


The construction of the Metro has helped transport to and from Letňany. From the Avia Letňany bus stop, the bus 158 runs every 4 minutes during peak hours to the metro station Letňany. The bus ride takes 5 mins, covering 5 bus stations. You can find the connection here,

A great option (so far a little underappreciated) is to use the train from the station Čakovice (400 meters, 6 minutes walk from the apartments), which takes you to the city center (Central Train Station) in only 20 minutes. We believe that this transport option will continue to expand and speed up in the future. You can find the train connection here.