Byt C21
The apartment is rented (from 2020-02-15)
Description of apartments and services
Technical details
Disposition: 1B+1
Storey: 1st floor
Floor area: 41.93 m²
Usable area: 39.95 m²
Orientation: N, NW
Rental price: ––– CZK/month
(excluding energy)
Energy deposit per person: 2.000 CZK/month
Refundable deposit: 28.000 CZK
Optionally for rent
Underground parking: 1.400 CZK/month
Cellar (6 m²): 1.400 CZK/month
Podlahová plocha 41.93 m²
Užitná plocha 39.95 m²
Energy label PENB
low energy (class B)
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